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Going Beyond
the Plastic

DRDO approved

Banka Bio 🤝🏻 DRDO:

A partnership of a decade

Compostica is bio-based novel biopolymers with 100% compostability. When exposed to certain environmental conditions, such as high humidity or the presence of certain microorganisms, it will become compost in few months. This makes our biopolymer an attractive alternative to conventional plast, which can take hundreds of years to break down in the environment.

Industry Wide Solutions:

Medical Industry

Industrial Plastic

Food Packaging

Retail Packaging

Paper Products

Household Plastic

Agriculture Industry

Automobile Industry

Our Services

When a client connects with us to know more about Compostica bio-polymers, we strive to provide a turnkey solution for their needs. Try talking to us once, and see how you can also bring the sustainable change in your business. 

Contact Us

3. Solutions

Our in-house R&D team will share the best solution with the client about how Compostica can help them, and then connect further with the right vendors.


1. Client Inquiry 

A client comes to us with an inquire about how we can help in reducing the single-use plastic with Compostica biopolymers in his business.


2. The R&D Team

Since we offer turnkey solutions, the client is connected further with our excellent R&D team which can gather more data about his needs and business. 

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