Our Vision

To be the World Leader and aim to be the most competitive and most productive service provider in potable water/ wastewater analysis.

Develop ourselves as the state-of-the art laboratory to analyse and scientifically advocate on water and wastewater sewerage system so as to preserve public health and to ensure a sustainable and clean environment.

Our Mission

To contribute to global water quality and security especially treated/recyclable wastewater concerned with mankind’s health and safety. We contribute by providing our customers with high quality laboratory and advisory services whilst creating opportunities for our employees and generating sustainable shareholder value.

Services Provided by CHADWICK’S FSM LAB

1. Waste Water Analysis
2. Ground Water Analysis
3. Drinking Water Analysis
4. Analysis of Bio-Solids (potential Soil Conditioner)
5. Field Services (Sampling, Preservation & Transportation)
6. Data Analysis and deliverables
7. Special Project Accommodation (Academic/Non-Academic)
8. Emergency Response Services