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Urban STP
Urban STP
Urban STP

Working Towards
a Cleaner Future

What is Urban STP?

An Urban Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) represents an advanced and efficient solution for wastewater management, specifically tailored for densely populated urban settings such as schools, hospitals, residential complexes, hotels, office buildings, and commercial centers. The primary purpose of an STP is to treat wastewater originating from various domestic, commercial, and industrial sources, effectively removing contaminants that could harm water quality, public health, and the environment.

Urban STP

Schools/ Universities

Residential Complex

Office Buildings


Ideal Solution for:

Urban STPs are distinguished by their compact structure, which is essential for installation in areas where space is at a premium. This design makes them an ideal fit for urban environments where land availability is limited.

Compact Design

They are engineered for simplicity and ease of upkeep, to provide reliable and sustainable WaSH solutions, making them an ideal choice for residences, businesses, hotels, education institutes, and municipalities alike.  

Ease of Maintenance 

Defining Features of Urban STP

Urban STP

Collaboration between Banka BioLoo and Aqua Nishihara

Banka BioLoo Limited and Aqua Nishihara Corporation are at the forefront of introducing innovative sanitation solutions in India. Our collaboration centres around the Johkasou Wastewater Treatment Technology, a system with over four decades of successful implementation in Japan. Johkasou represents a decentralized approach to wastewater treatment, making it a perfect Urban STP solution suitable for diverse urban applications – from small and medium communities to office buildings, hotels, educational institutions, and hospitals. It stands out for its effectiveness in on-site wastewater treatment and reuse.

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Johkasou Technology-based Urban STP Treatment Flow:

The treatment process starts with decantation, where liquid and solid wastes are separated through gravitational settling.

Chamber One


In this chamber, anaerobic media host microorganisms that break down organic matter in the wastewater.

Chamber Two

Anaerobic Treatment

The moving bed chamber, equipped with MBBR media, facilitates the decomposition of pollutants through aeration.

Chamber Three

Moving Bed Bioreactor 

The final step involves sterilization, where pathogenic microorganisms are eliminated, rendering the water safe for recycling and various other uses.

Chamber Four


Urban STP Model

Advantages of Urban STP

Urban STP


Efficient Wastewater Treatment

High-performance system ensuring thorough wastewater treatment


User Friendly Maintainance 

Designed for easy maintenance, reducing the burden on urban facilities 


Energy Effieciencey 

Low energy combustion contributes to sustainability and cost savings

Cost Effectiveness

Offers a low cost of ownership, making it an economically viable option. 

Modularity and Scalability

The system's modular design allows for easy scalability to meet varying needs 

Durability and Consistency 

Engineered for a long operational life while maintaining consistent high performance  

Concrete Wall

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You will be amazed how this system will benefit you. Our WaSH experts are eager to help you with any wastewater requirements. Talk to us today. 

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