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Challenges of Fecal Sludge Management

Health Hazard from Manual Cleaning

In many rural areas, the absence of professional emptying services necessitates manual scavenging to clear septic tanks and pit latrines. This practice exposes individuals to severe life risks.

Indiscriminate Disposal 

The lack of designated disposal sites often leads to the serious health threats, contributes to water pollution, and results in unpleasant odours and unsightly conditions that affect entire communities.

Insufficient Treatment Facility

Small-scale, cost-effective treatment facilities are rare, particularly for populations under forty thousand. This gap in infrastructure exacerbates the challenges of safely managing and treating fecal sludge.

Meet Pluto FSPT

To address these challenges, the Pluto FSTP, based on innovative Geobag technology, offers a viable solution. Designed for installation at the panchayat level, it directs all desludging activities to a centralized, monitored location. Equipped with GPS-enabled trucks, the local authority can ensure proper disposal of fecal sludge.

Environment Friendly

Our sustainably designed Pluto FSTP is a closed bag system which eliminates odours and creates a hygienic environment for sewage processing. 

Designated Disposal Site

Our custom-built facilities ensure the systematic and controlled disposal of waste, reducing the negative impact on the planet.

Local Employment

Our solution involves utilizing local manpower and fostering community involvement. 

Simplicity of Operations

Local staff can operate and manage the system effectively with minimal training. 

Energy Efficient 

No need for continuous electricity supply, providing much-needed flexibility in areas with unstable power.

Continuous Water Availability 

Our system guarantees consistent, high-quality treated water that adheres to strict environmental standards.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities 

We also encourage local entrepreneurship through franchise models. Join our growing network of entrepreneurs and become part of the community.

Minimal Space Requirements 

Designed for compact spaces, our PLUTO FSTP system is ideal for densely populated or space-constrained areas. 

Key Features

 Our plant features ready-made FRP tanks and a containerized process room. This minimizes extensive civil work and speeds up setup. 


Our plant has minimal mechanical parts or complex technical operation, which means it can be run by locally trained youth. 


It requires minimal electricity, using only one pump and is designed to have no detrimental impact on the environment.


 Its low capital and low operational cost reduce total cost of ownership, ideal solution for NGOs, governments and businesses.


 Our factory-made components allow for quick scaling and easy replication of the system, allowing us to reach more people in need. 


Our Geobag technology is designed to effectively reduce BOD fluctuations, resulting in consistent treatment quality and pathogen reduction in solid waste.


Get in touch with us today to learn more 

Compared to thermal and DEWATS-based solutions, our technology is more environmentally friendly, land-efficient, and adaptable. Unlike thermal systems, which consume significant energy and contribute to air pollution, and DEWATS systems, which require substantial land and struggle, our solution offers a more efficient and effective way to manage fecal sludge. Trust Pluto for a sustainable solution to this critical issue.

Why geotag based FSTP tech is supurior

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