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Welcome to Banka BioLoo Limited

We build/promote/manufacture and supply ELOO – The BioDigester toilets.

Banka BioLoo is women led business organization engaged in promoting and developing innovative environmental friendly products and services for Human Waste Management System.
Our main focus is to deal with the problem of open defecation that takes place every day. Our technology helps in degrading Human waste in the most effective manner. This sanitation systems, is to be installed at places where conventional toilets facility cannot be made available. We build/promote/manufacture and supply ELOO – The BioDigester toilets.

Sanitation Value Chain

The company offers one stop solution in a complete sanitation value chain. There are five stages in sanitation value chain.

Capture – any type of latrine or tank which is used to capture and store faecal sludge;
Emptying – any type of device used to empty storage devices;
Transport – physically moving the sludge from the storage device to the treatment plant;
Treatment – treating sludge so that it is safe to disposed of or, ideally, reused;
Reuse – regaining value from the sludge by making it’s nutritional or calorific content available for agriculture, energy, etc

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